Friday, May 26, 2006

Reference Booknotes

Handbook of Sports and Media, edited by Arthur A. Raney and Jennings Bryant (LEA, 2006). A 600+ page compendium of research articles divided into four sections: The Development of Sports Media (going back to the ancients) ; The Coverage and Business of Sports Media; Sports Media Audiences; and Critical Perspectives on Sports Media. Bibliographies abound. (ASC Ref).

The Family Communication Sourcebook, edited by Lynn H. Turner and Richard West (Sage, 2006). Provides in-depth examination of contemporary theory and research on family communication. The "Internal Family Dynamics" section includes articles on ritual and storytelling. The section on external structural frameworks includes articles on the media as well as health communication. (ASC Ref).

The Environmental Communication Yearbook, Volume 3, edited by Stephen P. Depoe (LEA, 2006). Articles include: Influences on the Recycling Behavior of Young Adults: Avenues for Social Marketing Campaigns; Articulating "Sexy" Anti-Toxic Activism on Screen: The Cultural Politics of A Civil Action and Erin Brockovich; Rhetoric of the Perpetual Potential: A Case Study of the Environmentalist Movement to Protect Orangutans; and Internet Use and Environmental Attitudes: A Social Capital Approach, to name four of the twelve pieces. The ASC Library also carries the first two volumes of this series. (ASC Ref)

Post-Structuralism and Communication: An Annotated Bibliography by Gerald S. Greenberg (Scarecrow, 2005). 200-plus page bibliography of books, book chapters, and journal articles on the impact of poststructuralist philosophy on all facets of communication. (ASC Ref)

Handbook of Warnings, Michael S. Wogalter (ed.) An 800+ page compendium on warnings including theory, research, and application. It describes warning design standards and guidelines; aspects of law relevant to warnings such as government regulations, case/trial litigation, and the role of expert testimony in these cases; and international, health/medical, and marketing issues. Broken into thirteen major sections, the chapters cover theory, research, applications, and law, and many different perspectives on topics associated with risk and danger. (ASC Ref)

China Media Yearbook & Directory 2006 This 5th edition includes over 300 pages covering:
- In-depth analysis of the Chinese media industry including TV Policy, TV Content, AV, Radio, Print, Film, New Media and Advertising
- The latest developments in Chinese media policy and regulations, media trends and prominent business deals STATISTICS
- Updated Chinese media market statistics from leading data providers: Nielsen Media Research, Huicong and CMMR with the top rated TV programs and print publications by ad spend, total advertising turnover, sector and region.
- The most comprehensive China media business directory in English including company profiles and media data for more than 300 major Chinese media organizations and companies complete with rate cards and channel data
- Expanded editorial and analysis of Chinese media industries: Television, Internet & New Media, Print, Film, Radio, Advertising and Consumer sectors - Fully updated listings &profiles of Chinese media organizations: Broadcasters, Producers, Film and Print industry players and advertising rate-card info
- Proprietary Chinese media market data, statistics and forecasts - A new section on China's Audio Video Industry
- Extended coverage of Chinese TV programming by major content themes
- Updates on the Chinese Government's changing Media Policies & Regulations (ASC Ref)

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