Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nielsen keeping track of the Blogosphere

Nielsen's Blogpulse, "an automated trend discovery system for blogs," indexes over 14 million blogs. You can perform complex (boolean) searches , track "buzz" with tools that mine for key topics and people, observe daily blog stats over time, follow the movement of conversations (with Conversation Tracker), track link activity, and identify top-ranked blogs and analyze their relative influence in the blogging world. One of Blogpulse's newer features is a daily ranking of Top Videos” from various web databases (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Apple.com, etc.). BlogPulse is an offshoot of Nielsen BuzzMetrics. In terms of design this site is a model of clarity, well worth a visit. This from today's today's Blogpulse Stats: in the last 24 hours 50, 627 new blogs entered the blogosphere?

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