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Tribute Essays in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media Honoring BEA Anniversay

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Broadcast Education Association, its official journal, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, has been honoring research pioneers in broadcasting in a series of tribute essays beginning in Volume 49, Issue 2 (2005) and culminating in the 50th anniversary year (2006) in Volume 50, Issue 4. Now that the last tribute has appeared in the latest issue of JOBEM, I thought I'd take the opportunity to feature the whole list, in case you missed the series or parts of it. The listings are in volume and issue order. Essays are relatively brief, no more than 8 pages, and include a brief bibliography.

Volume 49:
William Stephenson: Traveling an Unorthodox Path to Mass Communication Discovery, by Stuart Esrock

Erik Barnouw (1908-2001): Broadcasting's Premier Historian, by Christopher Sterling, et al.

Teacher-Scholar Herbert Zettl: Applied Educational Ideas, by Lawrence J. Mullen

Volume 50:
Jennings Bryant: The "Compleat" Scholar, by Susan Thompson

Maxwell McCombs: Agenda-Setting Explorer, by William R. Davie and T. Michael Maher

Sydney W. Head (1913-1991): Remembering the Founder of Modern Broadcasting Studies, by Christopher Sterling, et al.

Rethinking Marshall McLuhan: Reflections on a Media Terrorist, by Donald A. Fishman

Understanding Electronic Media Audiences: The Pioneering Research of Alan M. Rubin, by Paul M. Haridakis and Evonne H. Whitmore

Vernon A. Stone: Newsman and Educator, by Rod G. Gelatt

Sorry, no online access to this journal. You have to come to the ASC library.

For those of you reading this far down...actually the last issue of the Research Pioneer Tribute series is Volume 51, Number 1 (2007) and features three more pioneers! They are: Jannette Dates: A Lifelong Commitment to Teaching, Scholarship, and Service, by Cristina Pieraccini;
Lynne Schafer Gross: Extraordinary Role Model, by Elizabeth Leebron; and Scholar, Historian, Individualist: John Michael Kittross, by William G. Covintonr, Jr.

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