Monday, October 01, 2007

Speeches galore

A new e-resource just added to the Library page is The Great Speeches Series, a 22-volume collection of of political rhetoric, from historic leaders such as Douglas MacArthur, Martin Luther King and Lech Walesa, to more current leaders such as Barack Obama (his 2004 Democratic National Committee keynote address) and John McCain (his New School commencement address). Volume 22 is actually brand new and due to be added any day now. It will include Nancy Pelosi's speech as the first female Speaker of the House and Elie Wiesel's 2006 Dartmouth address. This collection is a password protected resource, so be prepared to authenticate before retrieving the password (which changes from time to time) to enter the site.
Another rich collection of speeches is available at the ASC Library. The Speeches Collection is comprised of 21 videos of speeches by Sitting Bull, Nelson Mandela and many US presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. They can be checked out as regular circulating items.

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