Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wikinews, a wiki modelled on the successful collaboration template of Wikipedi, is a free online news site that "you can write." Since 2004, this citizen news site, now in over 20 languages, encourages its citizens to write their own articles and edit or expand any existing article they want. I find this amusing, from the About section of the site: "Please note that if you have been involved in an event that you want Wikinews to report on, it may be more appropriate for you to request an interview with the Wikinews community. Requesting an interview is like holding a press conference." You'll find two kinds of articles at the site, original reports and synthesis articles that collect news from other sources (citing them, of course). The overseers at Wikinews claim to have a "neutral news policy" which you can read more about at the site. If true, it would be a first in the history of journalism, a worthy news story in and of itself! The graph above illustrates the growth of English Wikinews (red line) compared to the 7 largest language versions of Wikinews (German and Polish come in second and third).

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