Monday, May 11, 2009

New Reference Books at ASC Library

…And Communications for All: A Policy Agenda for a New Administration, edited by Amit M. Schejter (Lexington Books, 2009). Sixteen leading communications policy scholars present a comprehensive telecommunications policy agenda for the new federal administration. HE7781 A75 2009 RES.

The Atlas of the Real World: Mapping the Way We Live, by Daniel Dorling, Mark Newman, and Anna Barford (Thames & Hudson, 2008). Fascinating visual mapping of consumption, production, resources and resource practices around the world; devotes a section to Communication and Media. G1021 D586 2008 REF

Freedom of the Press 2008, edited by Karin Deutsch Karklekar and Sarah G. Cook (Freedom House, 2009). Freedom House's annual roundup on how free speech is faring around the world. PN4736 F742 2009 REF

The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting, edited by David A. Copeland (Greenwood, 2005). Eight-volume primary source sampling of war reporting from The French and Indian War on up through the Iraq Wars and the War on Terror. D5 G84 2005 REF

The Handbook of Communication Science, 2nd edition, edited by Charles R. Berger, Michael E. Roloff, and David R. Roskos-Ewoldsen (Sage, 2010). An array of communication scholars explore and synthesize varying perspectives and approaches within the field of communication science. P90.H294 2009 REF

Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication, edited by Robert L. Heath and H. Dan O'Hair (Routledge, 2009). "Explores the scope and purpose of risk, and its counterpart, crisis, to facilitate the understanding of these issues from conceptual and strategic perspectives. Recognizing that risk is a central feature of our daily lives, found in relationships, organizations, governments, the environment, and a wide variety of interactions, contributors to this volume explore such questions as 'What is likely to happen, to whom, and with what consequences?' 'To what extent can science and vigilance prevent or mitigate negative outcomes?' and 'What obligation do some segments of local, national, and global populations have to help other segments manage risks?', shedding light on the issues in the quest for definitive answers." --publisher's website HD61H325 2009 REF

Historical Dictionary of Journalism, by Ross Eaman (Scarecrow, 2009). Iincludes an historical chronology, a lenghty essay on the history of the genre, and an extensive bibliograrphy in addition to dictionary entries on Journlism. PN 4728 E37 2009 REF

Who's Buying Entertainment, 5th edition (New Strategist, 2008). Demographic data on consumer spending.

Who's Buying Information and Consumer Electronics (New Strategist, 2008). Demographic data on consumer spending.

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