Friday, September 24, 2010

Paley Center for Media database

This semester Penn Libraries is proud to be a test site for The Paley Center for Media's database of television and radio programming which they are in the process of making available to college libraries. The Paley Center's permanent media collection contains nearly 150,000 television and radio programs and advertisements, available both in New York and Los Angeles. It constitutes the largest single repository of American television programming in the world.

The online database offers synopses, along with production credits for the programs. For the first time, beginning with this trial, they are offering online access to 15,000+ digitized programs in their collection to selected universities. In addition to the digitized content, users will also have access to the metadata of the complete collection of over 150,000 programs.

The way it will work is like this. If you want to explore this resource at here at Annenberg you must access it at the work station in the Library right outside my office. You will first be asked to set up an account (simply provide your UPenn email address and give yourself a password). Once you do that you're in. You may also access the Paley database at Van Pelt.

Accessing the collection at Penn
By the terms of our contract with the Paley Center, the digital content will not be available for streaming directly to your computer. Instead, there will be specially designated PCs located at the following locations at the Van Pelt Library and the Annenberg Library.

I.Laptops (10)
10 laptops will circulate from Rosengarten Reserve Desk. Make sure you ask for a laptop configured with the Paley login.

II.Van Pelt Library Rooms (10)
A.Weigle Information Commons:
Room 124
Room 126
B.Class of 1955 Conference Room:
1 C55 CR
C.Ormandy Center:
1 Film Studies Classroom (Ormandy, Room 425)
5 Music & Media Rooms (Ormandy, Rooms 424.3-424.7)

III. Annenberg Library
Designated PC

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