Friday, April 08, 2011

Latest issue of Media, War & Conflict on the CNN Effect

The April 2011 (Volume 4, 1) issue of Media, War & Conflict is devoted to the CNN Effect. Interestingly, one of the pieces is on Japanese foreign disaster relief in the 1990s as related to the CNN effect (Van Belle and Potter).

Articles include:

The CNN effect reconsidered: mapping a research agenda for the future, by Piers Robinson

Time to move on: new media realities - new vulnerabilities of power
, by Nik Gowing

The CNN effect reconsidered (again): problematizing ICT and global governance in the CNN effect research agenda, by Steven Livingston

Did the Global War on Terror end the CNN effect? by Babak Bahador

Media and foreign policy in central and eastern Europe post 9/11: in from the cold? by Ekaterina Balabanova

Japanese foreign disaster assistance: the ad hoc period in international politics and the illusion of a CNN effect, by Douglas A Van Belle and David M Potter

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