Friday, June 24, 2011

Tracking Telecom Issues

The Telecommunications Industry Association, TIA, has a very useful, information-packed website. Though this is a member-site of over 600 telecommunications companies from around the world, it also serves up a fair amount of free content to the general public. Look for the annual Standards and Technology Annual Report (STAR) (which they've been posting since 2001).

You can also follow what's going on at the FCC with the TIA Legislative Tracker and the TIA Regulatory Tracker. The June 2011 Regulatory Tracker, for instance, boasts 198 pages of up to date information on regulatory policy.

And while TIA's 2011 ICT Market Review & Forecast may be prohibitively expensive, the previous year's report is free for download, as are older white papers and the like. So even at the TIA Store most items are free.

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