Friday, September 22, 2006

Two webcasts from the Research Channel

Back to the Future: Managing Right in the Digital age
Digital Art? iPods? Downloaded movies? How does all this work in the emerging digital ecosystem, and who is getting paid? Steve Davis (CEO, Corbis), intellectual property lawyer turned entrepreneur, has built a global company around the concept of managing content and digital rights. He discusses the future of e-business and media services in this fast-changing, complex environment.

Blog Versus Print: Have Blogs Replaced Newspapers and Should We Care?
Have blogs replaced newspapers and should we care? An expert panel discusses the pros and cons of instant news in an event sponsored by the USC Information Services Division, USC Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities, and the USC Annenberg School for Communication. As newspapers scurry for readers and advertisers, more and more bloggers deliver gossip, news and commentary faster, cheaper and more efficiently. The debate is that, while bloggers respond more nimbly than traditional news-gathering institutions, they do so by sacrificing objectivity, accuracy and reliability.

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