Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Security in an Era of Open Arab Media

The Stanley Foundation, an Iowa-based non-profit founded in 1956 with a longstanding interest in global institutions, has created "a Web feature," Security in an Era of Open Arab Media, to "explore the rapid rise of pan-Arab satellite television and other open media, examine its impact on the Arab world, and learn how it affects US relations" in the region. The site includes original articles, interviews, policy analysis, and the public radio documentary 24/7: The Rise and Influence of Arab Media, hosted by David Brancaccio. (A complete transcript of the program is also available.) Deeper into the site in the Publications section you can also find a downloadable report called Open Media and Transitioning Societies in the Arab Middle East: Implications for US Security Policy (The Stanley Foundation in association with the Institute for Near East and Bulf Military Analysis, 2005-2006).

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