Thursday, August 03, 2006

Health Literacy issue of Studies in Communication Sciences

The latest issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (Studi di scienze della communicazione) is devoted to Health Literacy. Published at the Universita della Sviszzera italiana (but entirely in English), this semi-annual is usually around 250 pages and often centers around a theme.

Volume 5, Number 2 is titled: Enhancing Health Literacy Through Communication. Following an introductory piece by guest editors Peter Schulz and Kent Nakamoto is a full literature review on the subject. Article titles include: Breaking Through the Barriers of Low Functional Health Literacy: Implications for Health Communication; Active Acquisition or Passive Reception: Health Information Literacy Among Fifty Finns in Differing Health Situations; 'Ask Your Doctor' Argumentation in Advertising of Prescription Medicines; Deceptive Health Promotion: Barriers to Health Literacy; Developing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Education Materials; Healthology, Health Literacy, and the Pharmaceutically Empowered Consumer; Health Literacy, Sex Education and Contraception: the Singapore Experience; Evaluating a Health Literacy Kit for Physicians;...Effects of Taru, a Reproductive Health Soap Opera in India; Improving Health Literacy of Rural Health Care Consumers; ...How a California Community Reshaped its Well-being; Health Literacy--More Than Reading a Prescription Label.

This issue is in the ASC Library and not available online.

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