Thursday, July 13, 2006

Searching Risk Communication in PubMed

Since the National Institute of Health's Risk Communication database (see 5/26 post) is not current, where do you go for the latest research? You can search risk in all the sociology and communication databases (Communication Abstracts, CIOS, Sociological Abstracts, IBSS, ISI, Francis, and PsycINFO) both generally and by specific risk topics (toxic shock, motorcycle helmets, avian flu, airplane security, etc.). But how do you keep track of risk communication in the sea of medical literature? I was talking to Marcia Zorn, healthcomm expert extraordinaire/NIH librarian, and she has developed a strategy for doing just that, searching PubMed for risk communication. What's more, she's developed a nifty url to feed right to the PubMed search box. The search is complicated (a paragraph-long sentence) but you don't have to type (much less build) it if you use this freeze-dried one that she's constructed. Here it is for you to try: http://tinyurl.com/pcgk5. For anyone doing large lit reviews on risk, or who just wants to keep up with the latest risk communication literature in the largest medical database out there, this is a good search to run periodically.

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