Monday, July 17, 2006

Communication Yearbook chapter on Latina/o media studies

The new Communication Yearbook 30 has arrived is in ASC reference. Communication Yearbook, now in its 30th year, is always a good annual to check out as it contains review of the literature articles on all aspects of the field. One of the articles in this 2006 volume titled The Lantina/o Problematic: Categories and Questions in Media Communication by Esteban Del Rio gives a state of the art read on Latina/o studies in relation to communication. It's divided into the following sections: Overview of Latina/o Studies as communication domain; Problems and assumptions in Latina/o media studies; Not belonging in America: traditional Latina/o media studies; the Latina/o problematic: nationalism, citizenship and integration, language and culture; and race, class and gender politics of representation. The article includes seven pages of bibliographic references. (ANNEN REF P 87 C642 30)

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