Friday, January 12, 2007

Al-Jazeera English Comes to ASC Library

Al-Jazeera English, the 24-hour English-language TV news channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar, can now be viewed in the Annenberg Library during regular library hours. Aimed at emphasizing news from the developing world and resetting the flow of news from South to North, the channel was launched on November 15, 2006. Says staff member Riz Khan, "In my lifetime as a journalist, there will not be another channel launched on this scale." Programming includes Inside Iraq, 101 East (Asian politics and business), Everywoman (women's issues in the Middle East), Sportsworld, Witness (daily presentation of short documentaries), 48 (48 hours of daily life in a different city every week), interview programs (including one anchored by Sir David Frost), The Fabulous Picture Show (movies, entertainment), and much more. Our JumpTV access to al-Jazeera English is set up at the far computer opposite the copy room. Ask at the desk if for some reason it is not turned on.

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