Monday, March 26, 2007

Coalition for Health Communication

The Coalition for Health Communication is up to a lot of good things for Healthcomm researchers and practitioners. You may already know about the Healthcomm Key, a searchable database containing comprehensive summaries from published peer-reviewed studies related to health communication that currently contains over 700 summaries. There's NIH librarian Marcia Zorn's monthly compilations of Health Communication Web Resources in pdf and word files. (I've forwarded these around through email but she since she now donates these excellent lists to the wider audience of the CHC, I'm happy to just point in the direction of this site.) Topics include: Adged/Elderly/Life course/Alzheimer's; Cancer; Bioethics/Ethics/Stem Cell Debate; Risk Perception/Risk Debate; HIV/AIDS; Palliative Care; Health Literacy; Prescriptions Drugs; Genetics/Genomes; Games/Gaming; E-Health; and many more. Then there is The Health Communication Bibliography Project, initiated in 2005 as a way to compile and broaden access to health communication scholarship. Initially, the intention was to demonstrate that health communication had matured as a discipline to the point that communication scholarship was being recognized and valued more and more widely in the health professions. To this end, the Top 60 ISI non-communication health-related journals from 2000 to present for peer-reviewed articles that dealt with some aspect of communication was searched. Nearly 700 articles were found and have been collected in an EndNote database. This CHC site is a must bookmark for Healthcomm researchers who want to keep an eye on the open web as well as University subscription databases for healthcomm topics.

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