Thursday, May 10, 2007

Keeping up with the MIT Communications Forum

Time to check in with MIT.WORLD for some worthwhile podcasts hosted or sponsored by the the MIT Communications Forum:

Emerging Technologies and Trends in Online Entertainment and Business with Jonathan F. Miller and David Faber.

What's New at the Media Lab with Frank Moss, Adam Boulanger, Ryan Chin, Hartmut Geyer, and Henry Jenkins.

Evangelicals and the Media with Gary Schneeberger, Jon Walker, and Diane Winston. Abstract: American Evangelicals have a long history of engagement with the media, dating back to the Great Awakening of the late eighteenth century. Today Evangelical groups are active in all media, from the Internet and cellular telephones to print journalism, broadcasting, film, and multi-media entertainment. This forum convenes speakers from the academy and Evangelical community to discuss the social and political impact of the evangelical movement's use of media technologies.

And most recently, an April 2007 conference: mit 5: creativity, ownership and collaboration in the digital age. Featured events: Folk Cultures and Digital Cultures; Collaboration and Collective Intelligence; Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons; Learning through Remixing; Reproduction, Mimicry, Critique and Distribution Systems in Visual Art.

All programs are available in audio and podcast.

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