Friday, July 20, 2007

Harper's Magazine Digital Archive

The Harper's Magazine Digital Archive is now available on the Penn Library website.
Online access to Harper's Magazine, the oldest general interest monthly in America, goes back to its inception, 1850. Featuring essays, in depth reporting, as well as fiction, Harper's is known for its fine writing and independent perspectives on politics and culture. It has featured some of the most notable writers of the day, from Horatio Alger, Mark Twain and Theodore Drieser to John Updike, Tom Wolfe and T.C. Boyle. Interestingly, the iconic Harper's Index is rather "young" in terms of the magazine's lifespan; it began in 1984. A spoof of the Index,
Harper's Index Index, honoring the magazine's 150 anniversary includes such perspicacious comparisons as:

Months after its inception that the Harper's Index began listing its sources : 11
Months after the French Revolution that the Harper's Index began listing its sources : 2,336

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