Thursday, November 01, 2007

Map the Candidates

The online magazine Slate.com, features a sub-website (in its News & Politics section) called Map the Candidates which tracks 2008 presidential candidate schedules and appearances back to July 2007. Besides venue and venue addresses, it provides such details as topics addressed, VIPs present, type of appearance (meet and greet, rally, fundraiser, etc.), whether there was any barbecue involved, and the like. I'll let MTC itself brag about it's features:

Do you want to know who spent the most time in Iowa or New Hampshire last month? Play with the timeline sliders above the map to customize the amount of time displayed.

Care most about who visited your home state? Then zoom in on it or type a location into the "geosearch" box below the map.

Choose which candidates you want to follow with the check boxes on to the right of the map. If you only want to see the front-runners, then uncheck all of the fringe candidates. VoilĂ ! You're left with the cream of the crop's travels.

Follow the campaign trail virtually with MTC's news feed. Every day YouTube video and articles from local papers will give you a glimpse of what stump speeches really look and sound like. Just click the arrow next to the headline to get started.

Take a closer look at candidates by clicking on their names to the right of the map. You'll get the lowdown on their travels, media coverage, and policy positions.


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