Thursday, December 20, 2007

Communicating Health issue of CJC

A special double issue of the Canadian Journal of Communication (Volume 32, Numbers 3 & 4, 2007) is titled: Communicating Health.

Articles titles:
Mobile Knowledge: HIV Patients' Encounter with Endocrinology
HIV and STD Prevention Needs of Bisexual Women: Results from Projet Polyvalence
Respite: Cultural Values in North American and Caribbean Caregiving

Asymmetrical Talk between Physicians and Patients: A Quantitative Discourse Analysis
Les défis que soulève l’informatisation de la pratique médicale sur le plan de l'innovation
Communication as Argumentation: The Use of Scaffolding Tools by a Networked Nursing Community
Rose-Coloured Glasses: The Discourse on Information Technology in the Romanow Report
Communicating the Modern Body: Fritz Kahn's Popular Images of Human Physiology as an Industrialized World
Pink!: Community, Contestation, and the Colour of Breast Cancer
Re-Gendering Depression: Risk, Web Health Campaigns, and the Feminized Pharmaco-Subject
Spreading the News: Social Determinants of Health Reportage in Canadian Daily Newspapers
Fit to Print: A Natural History of Obesity Research in the Canadian News Media
Doing Medical Journals Differently: Open Medicine, Open Access, and Academic Freedom
Designer Babies, Stem Cells, and the Market for Genetics: The Limits of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act

The journal is available online from the Penn Libraries

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