Wednesday, December 05, 2007

International Journal of Strategic Communication

A new Lawrence Erlbaum journal, International Journal of Strategic Communication, has just completed its first year in existence. The journal is edited by Derina R. Holtzhausen and Kirk Hallahan. In the first issue the editors and some others in the lead article, "Defining Strategic Communication," orient the reader to the concept of strategic communication. They define it as [from the abstract]: "...the purposeful use of communication by an organization to fulfill its mission. Six relevant disciplines are involved in the development, implementation, and assessment of communications by organizations: management, marketing, public relations, technical communication, political communication, and information/social marketing campaigns. This years articles include "Communications Management in the Africa Context: Implications for Theory, Research and Practice"; "When Web pages Influence Web Usability: Effects of Online Strategic Communication"; "Narratives of SARS Epidemic and Ethical Implications for Public Health Crises"; "Improving Terrorism Preparedness for Hospitals: Toward Better Interorganizational Communication"; "Using Wave Theory to Maximize Investor Media Communications"; "SaveDisney.com and Activist Challenges: A Habermasian Perspective on Corporate Legitimacy"; and "Megaphones to the Internet and the World: The Role of Blogs in Corporate Communications."
We don't appear to subscribe to this journal electronically yet (all four issues are available in the ASC Library) but I notice on the open web at the Lawrence Erlbaum site the first three issues are available full-text.

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