Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Introducing The Journal of E-Media Studies

The Journal of E-Media Studies is a new on-line, open access journal that has recently launched their first issue. Focusing on the history and theory of electronic media, especially television and new media, its editorial board includes a rich assortment of scholars--Toby Miller, Lynn Spigel, Robert McChesney, and Anna McCarthy, to name a few. Its inaugural issue features the following essays: Toward A Visceral Scholarship Online: Folkvine.org and Hypermedia Ethnography by Craig Saper; E-poetry: Between Image and Performance -- A Cultural Analysis, by Jan Baetens and Jan Van Looy; Que'est-ce qu'une madeleine interactive? Chris Marker's Immemory and the Possibility of a Digital Archive by Erika Balsom; Horace Newcomb in Conversation with Tara McPherson by Tara McPherson; A (Very) Personal History of the First Sponsored Film Series on National Television by Stanley Rubin, in addition to review pieces.

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