Friday, December 10, 2010

Special issue of Topia

"Cultures of Militarization" is the topic of a special double issue of TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies (23-24, 2010).

This special double issue adds perspective to the rampant militarization of everyday civilian culture. Edited by Jody Berland (York University) and Blake Fitzpatrick (Ryerson University), "Cultures of Militarization" features contributions from twenty-two international scholars and artists whose work investigates the processes through which military presence is normalized or critiqued in private, public and national narratives.


Introduction: Cultures of Militarization and the Military-Cultural Complex (the editors)

A.L. McCready Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round Public Discourse, National Identity and the War: Neoliberal Militarization and the Yellow Ribbon Campaign in Canada

Howard Fremeth
Searching for the Militarization of Canadian Culture: The Rise of a Military-Cultural Memory Network

Carole R. McKenna
Canadian and American Cultures of Militarism: Coping Mechanisms in a Military-Industrial-Service-Complex

Uli Linke Fortress Europe: Globalization, Militarization and the Policing of the Interior Borderland

Markus Kienscherf Plugging Cultural Knowledge into the U.S. Military Machine: The Neo-Orientalist Logic of Counterinsurgency

Neil Balan Corrective for Cultural Studies: Beyond the Militarization Thesis to the New Military Intelligence

Erin Riley Operation Nunalivut - Photo Essay

Susan Cahill Conflict(ing) Narratives: Representations of War in "The Battleground Project" and the Performative Potential of its Audience

Marc Lafleur Tracing the Absent-Present of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in America as Sensuous Encounter: Notes on (Nuclear) Ruins

Mary Alemany-Galway Peter Jackson's use of Hollywood Film Genres in The Lord of the Rings and New Zealand's Anti-nuclear Stance

Stuart Allan and Kari Anden-Papadopoulos Come on, let us shoot! : Wikileaks, Militarization and Journalism

Bill Burns Extraterritorial prison plans and a play list in the style of IKEA - Art Work

David Clearwater Living in a Militarized Culture: War, Games and the Experience of U.S. Empire

Ian Roderick Mil-bot Fetishism: The Pataphysics of Military Robots

Mary Sterpa King Preparing the Instantaneous Battlespace: a Cultural Examination of Network Centric Warfare

Gary Genosko The Terrorist Entrepreneur

James R. Compton Fear and Spectacle on the Planet of Slums

Christopher Dornan Unknown Soldiers: On the Comparative Absence of the Military from Canadian Entertainment Film and Television

Jim Daems "i wish war wud fuck off:" bill bissett's Critique of the Military-Cultural Complex"

Darin Barney Miserable Priests and Ordinary Cowards: On Being a Professor

This issue is available in print at the ASC Library.

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