Monday, October 18, 2010

ComScore Data Mine

comScore, a leading source of digital market intelligence and most preferred measurement service, has the goods when it comes to internet usage trends. But like Nielsen, comScore data is proprietary. Both release valuable “crumbs” to the public—more general less client-centered data in the form of reports and posts. The place to find such data for comScore is their Data Mine site that boasts "colorful, bite-sized graphical representations of the best discoveries we unearth from our data."

Recent and/or popular topics include: Smartphone Penetration by Age, Visitor Demographics to Facebook.com, Twitter.com Top 10 Global Markets, Share of Global Internet Audience by Region, Top 10 Ad Networks in U.S., and Orkut, Facebook and Twitter Growth in Brazil. These aren't really articles or reports but rather abstract length summations that usually include graph and pie chart data, just the sort of info you can't find when you need it. Notice these releases aren't limited to the US market.

The site is divided into these categories so far: Advertising, Africa/Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Banking/Finance, Coupon, E-Commerce, Engagement, Europe, Latin America, Mobile, North America, Online Video, Search, Social Networking, and U.S.

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