Friday, February 08, 2013

Index on Censorship at 40

My vote for the most important journal in the field (and a lot of others), Index on Censorship celebrated its 40th year not too long ago with a special anniversary issue featuring poetry from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Chinese activist Chen Wei's online essay on fasting that led to his imprisonment, an exclusive extract from Ariel Dorman's new play, and Rebecca MacKinnon on the future of internet freedom. There are highlights from previous issues featuring Nadine Gordimer, Salman Rushdie and Kurt Vonnegut.  In addition, Robert McCrum discusses the journal's role in the history of the fight for free speech, from the oppression of the Cold War to censorship online.

The award-winning Index on Censorship, is devoted to protecting and promoting freedom of expression throughout the world. It reports on free expression violations, publishes banned writing and shines a light on the important free expression issues of the day.

"The medium may have changed over four decades, but the message remains the same - as do the methods for silencing writers, whistleblowers, artists and protesters."--The Editors

Find this journal in Penn Library e-resources or in paper at the Annenberg Libary--it's handsome (and holy) enough to warrant both virtual and non-virtual formats!
As part of our anniversary celebrations, our publisher is opening the magazine’s archive for 40 days from 26 March

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