Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing Metamedia

Check out a new site, Metamedia, on the Annenberg Library homepage (in the section Visual/Multimedia).
Here you will find over 600 movies about communication as it is situated in some form of media--television, radio, the telephone, photographs, the internet, recorded music, etc. These are movies in which media (including codes of communication) are central or catalytic to the story and/or main characters in the story represent media practitioners, professional or amateur. Metamedia includes fictional films as well as documentaries. And it includes world cinema as well as Hollywood.

The site also includes a Discussion Board for readers to makes comments and suggestions. The site can be a sort of community project. The current list of films is by no means complete so I look forward to urgings for must-adds, why isn't _________ on the list???

Access to films featured in Metamedia varies. If the entry includes a link to VCat, that means it's available at Penn--usually Van Pelt or Annenberg though there are a few other movie collections on campus. The list also includes titles that we don't have at Penn, in which case there will be a link to IMBD or a website that sells (or at least has more information about) the title.

I think the site is fairly easy to tool around in. There are 51 topical areas if you are looking for specific themes or genres. You may be looking for only documentaries, or only movies about radio, or you want to get out of the United States (click on World). Here are the topics: Advertising * Art * Biography * Cartoons/Animation * Celebrity * Children/Youth * Communication disorders * Communication-General * Computers/New Media * Consumerism *Copyright/Intellectual property * Crime * Disaster/Risk communication * Documentary * Election campaigns * Environmental communication * Film/Filmmaking * Free Speech/Censorship * Gaming * Health communication * Information Interview * Journalism * Language * Mass media * Media-Amateur/Grassroots *Media ethics * Media violence * Minorities-Racial/Ethnic * Minorities-Sexual * Music/Recording industry * Newspapers * Non-Verbal communication / Photography * Political communication * Pornography * Privacy/Surveillance * Public relations/Persuasion * Public space  * Religion * Radio * Representation * Sports * Supernatural communication * Telephonic Communication * Television * War * World * Women/Gender * Writing/Publishing

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