Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wired's Essential Reads and Feeds

Keeping up is beyond challenging, it's practically impossible, yet try we must. Since we have this habit now of reading blogs and tweets and articles blogs and tweets are pointing to (sometimes a rewarding activity, sometimes not so much...) we like to think we are we tuned--in our limited time and fractured attention spans--to the right stuff, posts best suited to our interests.  But we probably aren't and even if we are doing a pretty good job of exposing ourselves to the the smartest people and organizations, we could always make some tweaks to our "bullpens." To that end check out Wired Magazine's 101 Signals, their A-list of the best reporters, writers and thinkers on the internet, not just in technology but design, science, culture and business. I'm pretty sure you'll be adding a few of these to your diet. I'm thinking, in the interest of de-cluttering, for every Wired suggestion that I choose to follow I may perform a corresponding un-follow action . How's that for discipline!

You can read Wired here in the ASC Library in paper or access it from E-journals on the homepage.

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