Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February CommQuote

Go to Google BooksLet's go with another poem for our February Commquote (since April is approaching which we know is Poetry Month, how's that for logic?).  The poet is Rae Armantrout, who is coming for a visit to the Kelly Writers House later this Spring.  The poem is called Cursive from her 2007 collection, Next Life.


In my country,
in "Toy Story,"

sanity meant keeping
a set distance

between one's role
as a figurine
and one's "self-image."

This gap
was where the soul
was thought to live.


When he thought of suicide, he thought,

"It ends here!"


"Let's do it!"

As if a flying leap
were a form of camaraderie.

As if a cop and his
comic relief partner
faced off'
against moguls.

Crossed wires released such
hope-like sparks.


This thing was called
"face of the deep,"

this intractable blank
with its restless cursive


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