Friday, October 03, 2014

ScholarlyCommons at Penn: Annenberg update

I've written about ScholarlyCommons before in this blog but it's time to revisit as a lot more Annenberg papers have been uploaded since we last "talked."

To review: "ScholarlyCommons is a repository for the scholarly output of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. It promotes dissemination of their work and preserves it in a freely-accessible, long-term archive. ScholarlyCommons allows researchers and other interested readers anywhere in the world to learn about and keep up to date with Penn scholarship.  Items placed in the Archive are available to all free of charge."  --Research Communication and e-Scholarship Guide

One of the benefits to participating in ScholarlyCommons is the metadata feedback that authors and departments get on a monthly basis.  Last time I reported on the month's most popular articles in communication, that is, the ones that had the highest number of downloads. This time I have a broader metric as reported to me by colleague Sarah Wipperman, ScholarlyCommon's Repository Services Manager and Analyst. According to Sarah, so far in 2014 the Annenberg School ranks highest in impact factor over all other departments and schools at Penn. The impact factor is calculated by dividing the average number of downloaded documents by the total number uploaded. So far, in 2014 Annenberg articles, which  number at 364, have been downloaded 187,404 times across the globe. Now that's impact!

Look for Penn Libraries to be adding more ASC papers to ScholarlyCommons. In addition to faculty papers, the Annenberg section now includes 114 Dissertations (and growing) and will soon include material from the Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS).


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