Monday, April 28, 2008

Introducing Silobreaker

Silobreaker is a unique news aggregator that pulls content on global issues, science, technology and business from approximately 10,000 news, blog, research and multimedia sources. Using relational analysis and visualization tools, it is a free service for anyone interested in tracking topics, people, companies, places, or key words in web news sources. The service was designed with journalists, researchers, marketing and industry analysts in mind. Besides using Silobreaker for your own research topics, you may just want to check into certain sections of the site such as Media Attention Trends which currently showcases coverage (in the last week) of the democratic and republican candidates, narcotics, bird flu by country, acts of terrorism: Iraq vs. Afghanistan, and game consoles. Or you can make up your own topic. Many Silo users also subscribe to the Silobreaker.blog

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