Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Media in FLOW

If you can't get enough Sarah Palin the Volume 8 issue of Flow: A Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture is for you. The issue, Sarah Palin and the Media, offers insight on "the media treatment, reaction, and handling of Sarah Palin - as a politician, a woman, a “Hockey Mom,” a wife, an Alaskan, and a Conservative" by media scholars across the US and around the world.

Featured articles:

"In the Feminine Ideal, We Trust" by Janet McCabe. From a UK perspective, an examination of Palin's treatment by the media as the feminine ideal.

"A Girl and a Gun: Photoshop Fakes Sarah Palin" by Patrick Kinsman. Digesting the now infamous Photoshopped image of Palin with gun and American flag bikini.

"A Politically Unbiased Report on the Satirization of 'Jesus Freak': Sarah Palin and Her Hillbilly Family" by Eric Shouse. Looking at the role satire and TV comedy plays during election seasons.

"The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the Meta-Silly Season in Politics: Agenda Setting in the Contemporary Media Environment" by Jennifer Brundidge. Analyzing "fake" news shows in this particularly "silly season in politics."

"Palin's State" by John Streamas. Covering the racial implications of the candidates' home states.

"Reading Sarah Palin" by Bearnadette Barker-Plummer. Critically reading Palin's role(s) and their cultural implications.

"Sarah Palin: Castration as Plenitude" by Nina Power. Analyzing Palin as an example of the crisis in defining feminism.

"Rule 34 and Epic Raids: Sarah Palin as a Victim of Internet Pranksterism" by Daniel Metz. A look at the strikes against Palin by the Internet prankster group Anonymous.

"Even Mud Has The Illusion of Depth: A McLuhanesque Reading of Sarah Palin" by Ann McKinnon. Reading Tina Fey's satirical impersonation of Palin from a McLuhanian perspective.

"Tigh/Roslin 2008: When Politics Turn Fictional" by Emily Regan Wills. An analysis of Battlestar Galatica fans' appropriation of the McCain-Palin ticket.

"Europe Signals its Concerns with Sarah: Experience, Education, and Etiquette" by M. Patrick Cullinane. A look at Europe's response to the 2008 election and Palin's nomination.

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