Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NPR Transcripts

As part of National Public Radio's site relaunch in July came a new free-text policy for transcripts. More than 80,000 transcripts are now available going back to May 2005 (they used to charge for them). Observes Susanne Bjorner, writing in The CyberSkeptics Guide to Internet Research (October 2009), "NPR says that transcripts are 'largely accurate' but acknowledges that there may be some spelling or grammatical errors and that, in some cases the text may not align perfectly with the audio" Some random testing on her part "indicates that available transcripts are indexed by every word, making the backfile a major new free source for research in news, business, and culture."

NPR transcripts are also available at LexisNexis (see previous post) but you may want to go straight to the horse's mouth from now on.

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