Tuesday, December 15, 2009

McGannon Center Working Papers

It's always good to to see what's doing at the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center. The McGannon Center conducts and disseminates research that informs the communications policymaking process and ethical decision-making in the management of media institutions. Here are three of their latest working papers.

10.10.2009 - New Working Paper by Philip Napoli on Navigating Producer-Consumer Convergence

09.15.2009 - New Working Paper by Minna Aslama on Rethinking Media Diversity and Policy in the Web 2.0 Era

09.15.2009 - New Working Paper by Minna Aslama and Ingrid Erikson on Public Spheres, Networked Publics, and Networked Public Spheres

If you like these, check out all the Center's working papers going back to 2004.

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