Friday, April 16, 2010

Communication Research Methods II

Communication Research Methods II: A Sourcebook, by Rebecca B. Rubin, Alan M. Rubin, Elizabeth E. Graham, Elizabeth M. Perse, and David R. Seibold (Routledge, 2009) expands on the measures included in the original 1994 volume. The authors claim that the measure they feature are:
"the best of the best from the early 1990s through today. They are models for future scale development as well as tools for the trade, and they constitute the main tools that researchers can use for self-administered measurement of people's attitudes, conceptions of themselves, and perceptions of others. The focus is on up-to-date measures and the most recent scales and indexes used to assess communication variables." --Publisher's website
Part I offers overviews of measurement research in various sub-divisions of the field: family communication, organizational and group, health, instructional, cross-cultural and intercultural, interpersonal and mass; each chapter includes a solid bibliography.

Part II contains profiles of selected communication measures, 57 to be exact. And Part III profiles "imported" measures (from other fields.)

This title (and it's 1994 predecessor), is on the shelf in ASC Reference, P 91.3 C623.

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