Friday, September 29, 2006

Journal Feature: Knowledge Technology & Policy

In its 19th year, Knowledge Technology & Policy is an international peer reviewed journal devoted to both the promises and problems of technology. Focusing on how politics and society factor in the development and adoption of new technologies and new forms of knowledge, its editorial board is made up of scholars in computing, communications, medical informatics, administrative sciences, art and design, economics, and information science. Recent and upcoming articles include: "Information Technologies and the Transformation of Democracy," What's New about the 'New Surveillance'? Classifying for Change and Continuity," "Is the Cell Phone Undermining the Social Order?: Understanding Mobile Technology from a Sociological Perspective," and "From Teenage Life to Victorian Morals and Back: technological Change and Teenage Life." Since we subscribe to this journal in online form only you can't browse recent issues in the Library but you can sign up for a TOC alert at the publisher's website. If your interest in KT&P is less rabid you can forget about it and feel safe in the knowledge that it's indexed in Sociological Abstracts, International Bibiliography of the Social Sciences, and the Social Science Citation Index, so pertinent items will turn up in your regular searching.

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