Friday, October 13, 2006

China Development Brief

Established in 1996, China Development Brief is an "independent, non-profit publication devoted to strengthening constructive engagement between China and other countries" by offering news on social development in China, reports on environment, and features about civil society in China, all targeted at an international readership of "decision and opinion makers in international development agencies, NGOs, research academies, policy think-tanks and mass media." There is a Media section to the site that explores the development of Chinese media, including new information technologies.

While we're on China, the International Journal of Cultural Studies Volume 9, Number 3, September 2006 is a special themed issue titled: Creative Industries and Innovation in China. Edited by Michael Keane and John Hartley, it addresses cultural and scholarly developments in China which it divides into China's shift towards creative and innovation-based economies, regional aspects of creative industries in China, sectors within creative industries, and specific topics such as copyright and IP law. The issue is an outgrowth/continuation of a previous (2004) special issue of the journal titled: The New Economy, Creativity and Consumption, only with the lens focused solely on China

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