Friday, May 18, 2007

The Times Digital Archive available from Penn website

Now available to the Penn community: The Times Digital Archive, a full-image online archive of every page published by The Times [London] from 1785-1985. The text within the images is fully searchable at the article level. Users can easily search news articles, obituaries, advertising and classifieds — virtually everything that appeared in the newspaper. Results are displayed at the article level and users may view the article — or the full page upon which it appeared. I just checked it out and "stumbled" upon an account of Oscar Wilde's arrest, on April 6, 1985:

Mr. Wilde had with him two friends, and the inspector stated the object of his visit. Mr. Wilde made no reply, and the party at once drove to Scotland-yard in order to meet Inspector Brockwell, who had the warrant for the arrest. The warrant was read to the prisoner, who made no reply, and after some delay he was brought to Bow-street, arriving there at 8 10 in a four-wheeled cab. Mr. Wilde was the first to alight, and walked straight into the station, followed by the detectives. He did not appear to be at all affected by the circumstances of his position. He was at once placed in the dock, and stood there with his hands in his pockets while the charges was taken down by Inspector Digby. When the charge had been entered Mr. Wilde was taken to the cells to see whether he could bail out Mr. Wilde, and appeared much distressed when he was informed that on no consideration could his application be entertained. He then offered to procure extra comforts for the prisoner, but this also was not allowed by he officer on duty. Mr. Wilde occupies an ordinary cell, but will be allowed to supply himself with any extra food he thinks fit. he will be brought up to-day at 10 o'clock at Bow-street."

--The Times, Apr 06, 1985; pg. 10; Issue 34544; col E


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