Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keeping an eye on Google's digital newspaper archives

Google digitization goes forward unabated and that's great for newspaper backfiles. My good friend and colleague, Nick Okrent, over at Van Pelt sent me this list. These Google efforts, he writes, are "especially useful for the period that is post-Readex and pre-Lexis/Factiva. Here's a partial list...To take one interesting example, the Deseret News 1860-."

The US titles on this list can be found on Nick's Historical Newspapers Online research guide. For the Canada and Australia papers, just go into Google News and do a source search (in the Google box type: source:"Sydney Mail").

1. Lodi Sentinel Lodi California 1900 – 2009

2. Bridgeport Morning News Bridgeport Connecticut 1880 – 1899

3. Day New London Connecticut 1880 – 2010

4. Hartford Weekly Times Hartford Connecticut 1840 – 1899

5. Meriden Daily Republican Meriden Connecticut 1865 – 1899

6. Sunday Morning Star Wilmington Delaware 1880 – 1989

7. Carroll Herald Caroll Iowa 1870 – 1929

8. Clinton Evening News Clinton Iowa 1880 – 1899

9. Clinton Morning Age Clinton Iowa 1894 – 1904

10. Aurora Daily Express Aurora Illinois 1882 – 1902

11. Crawfordsville Star Crawfordsville Indiana 1872 – 1899

12. Daily Argus News Crawfordsville Indiana 1886 – 1919

13. Kentucky New Era Hopkinsville Kentucky 1890 – 2009

14. Courrier De La Louisiane New Orleans Louisiana 1810 – 1859

15. New Orleans Commercial Bulletin New Orleans Louisiana 1830 – 1879

16. Boston Daily Evening Transcript Boston Massachusetts 1860 – 1879

17. Boston Evening Transcript Boston Massachusetts 1860 – 1919

18. Lewiston Daily Sun Lewiston Maine 1890 – 2010

19. Lewiston Evening Journal Lewiston Maine 1860 – 1979

20. Village Voice New York New York 1957 – 2004

21. Adams Centinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1800 – 1889

22. Gettysburg Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1860 – 1949

23. Pittsburgh Press Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1880 – 1999

24. Reading Eagle Reading Pennsylvania 1860 – 2010

25. Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1810 – 1889

26. Star and Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1860 – 1959

27. Deseret News Salt Lake City Utah 1860 – 2010

28. Milwaukee Journal Milwaukee Wisconsin 1890 – 2010

29. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Milwaukee Wisconsin 1884 – 1995

Victoria Daily Standard Victoria British Columbia 1870 – 1873

2. Saint John Daily Evening News Saint John New Brunswick 1860 – 1889

3. Public Ledger St. John's Newfoundland/Labrador 1820 – 1889

4. Morning Chronicle Halifax Nova Scotia 1840 – 1879

5. Huron Expositor Seaforth Ontario 1870 – 1899

6. Irish Canadian Toronto Ontario 1860 – 1899

7. Ottawa Citizen Ottawa Ontario 1860 – 2010

8. Ottawa Times Ottawa Ontario 1860 – 1879

9. Sarnia Observer Sarnia Ontario 1850 – 1909

10. Toronto Daily Mail Toronto Ontario 1881 – 1899

11. Canadian Illustrated News Montreal Quebec 1860 – 1889

12. Daily Witness Montreal Quebec 1870 – 1899

13. Montreal Daily Post Montreal Quebec 1885 – 1888

14. Montreal Daily Witness Montreal Quebec 1870 – 1879

15. Montreal Gazette Montreal Quebec 1860 – 2010

16. Morning Chronicle Quebec City Quebec 1840 – 1879

17. Quebec Daily Telegraph Quebec City Quebec 1880 – 1979

1. Age Melbourne 1854 – 1989

2. Age Melbourne 1840 – 2010

3. Sydney Mail Sydney 1860 – 1939

4. Sydney Morning Herald Syndey 1820 – 2010

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Friday, June 04, 2010

British Periodicals

Once can do some serious historical investigation of the early periodical press in England with this latest Penn Libraries e-resource addition.

About British Periodicals:
British Periodicals traces the development and growth of the periodical press in Britain from its origins in the seventeenth century through to the Victorian 'age of periodicals' and beyond. On completion this unique digital archive will consist of more than 460 periodical runs published from the 1680s to the 1930s, comprising six million keyword-searchable pages and forming an unrivalled record of more than two centuries of British history and culture....In addition to providing access to the original periodical versions of landmark texts like De Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, Carlyle's Sartor Resartus, Cobbett's Rural Rides, Bagehot's The English Constitution, Gaskell's North and South and Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles, the collection offers new ways of exploring the inaccessible, neglected or forgotten writings that formed their original contexts. A wide array of different types of periodical are represented, from magisterial quarterlies and scholarly and professional organs through to coterie art periodicals, penny weeklies and illustrated family magazines.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

June CommQuote

from Lessons From Television

by Susan Stewart

You must laugh at yourself, laugh and laugh.
Music swells the emotions;
music exists to punctuate seeing.
Emotion, therefore, is punctuation.

Formless, freedom resembles abasement.
Abasement is as infinite as desire.
You must laugh at yourself, laugh and laugh.

Those who are not demons are saints.
You are not a demon or a saint.

Women are small and want something,
so laugh at yourself, laugh and laugh.

Bed are sites of abasement.
The news is about the news.

Faces in close-up are always in anguish.
Hair and teeth are clues to class.

Clothes are changing,
hanging up or down
And change itself is a laugh.

Cause can’t be figured
and consequence is yet to come.

You’re either awake or asleep
and that, too, is a clue to class.

Children are never with groups of children
unless they are singing in chorus.

Their mothers cannot do enough,
though there’s always room for improvement.

And improvement lies in progress,
though collapsing is good for a laugh.

Saints will turn to the worse.
Demons die if they can be found.

Nature is combat, weather is sublime.
Even weather can make you laugh.

People you don’t know are louder than you are,
but what is far away cannot harm you—

Books are objects, families are inspiring.
Animals protect their young;
the young come with the territory.

English is the only language.
Reading is an occasion for interruption,
and interruption is a kind of laugh.

Something is bound to get better.
And there is a pill with your name on it.

When indoors, stick with your own race—
that way you’ll feel free to laugh.

Strangers are paying attention to your smell.
A camera will light like a moth on disaster.
Pity will turn to irony.

The street is a dark and frightful place.
Fires are daily.

Your car is your face.

You must laugh at yourself, laugh and laugh.

“Lessons from Television” from Columbarium (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press,2003) as cited from The Poetry Foundation Archive

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